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Tool to Check Hard Drive for Errors

Computers are the most important part of every individual life as they help their users to perform one or the other tasks. In computers there is a centralized storage space known as hard disk which is capable of storing ample amount of data stuff of various file formats such as image files, video clips, movies, applications, games, documentation and many more that may be for your business, education or entertainment purpose. Hard disk is further divided into several multiple sectors known as partitions which will hold all these files in a very effective manner through the use of file system. At times, these hard drives will make you to face several hard drive errors among which some might be known or some may remain unknown to you. Hard disk errors might get generated due to operating system crash, sudden power cut off, bad sectors located in the drive, hard drive failure due to excessive heat, corruption of file system, or any other reason.

But, rather than concentrating more on the error generating factors, it is a better practice to check hard disk errors on regular basis so that it would help you from facing uncertain situations that you might encounter in your usage of computer. And, for accomplishing this task, you require help of some reliable third party hard drive error checking software. One such tool is Remo MORE that is a brain child of skilled professional developers and is globally famous among customers for its fabulous performance. With the aid of this utility, it is very easy and simple task to check and fix hard disk errors that too within few simple steps and more accuracy.

One of the most common errors that are being faced by many computer users is file system error that does not allow you computer to run in a proper condition. So, in order to avoid such uncertain situations, one should check hard drive errors and also fix them by making use of Windows check disk option. Remo MORE the most recommended hard drive error checking software is compatible enough with all types of file systems, which means that you can check hard disk errors for file systems like FAT (FAT16 and FAT 32), NTFS, NTFS5, EXFAT, etc.

To be able to check errors in hard disk of your Windows PC, you are just away from one single click on “Drive Checker” feature of MORE suit that scans your entire hard drive for searching out all the errors related to file system, available bad sectors, etc. Once the software completes the scanning procedure, it will list out the total drive space, how much storage space is in bad sectors and what is the appropriate action that needs to be taken. Therefore, employing MORE toolkit on your computer will prove to be the exact solution to test hard drive for errors and fix them effectively without causing damage to stored hard disk files. You can use this utility to check and fix hard drive errors on all versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Windows 8. Adding to this, MORE software can help you out in enhancing performance of your drive thereby fixing all performance issues. In addition to check errors in hard disk, the software can even be utilized to find errors on different hard drive types like SATA, SCSI and IDE.

Procedure to check hard disk errors:

Step – 1: Download Remo software and do the installation on the hard disk of your computer. Then, double click the shortcut desktop icon to launch the installed application and choose “Manage” option from the home window as depicted in Image I.

Check Hard Disk Errors - Main Screen

Step – 2: Now, choose “Drive Statistics” from the next screen and then tap on “Drive Checker” option to check hard drive for errors as depicted in Image II.

Check Hard Disk Errors - Select Drive Checker

Step – 3: After that select the drive on which errors are to be checked. Then, choose the Disk Error option i.e. “Normal Analysis” or “Thorough Analysis” as depicted in Image III.

Check Hard Disk Errors - Select Drive

Step – 4: The application starts verifying the selected drive for errors as depicted in Image IV.

Check Hard Disk Errors - Software scanning for Errors

Step – 5: Once done with the analysis, summary window with details will be displayed as depicted in Image V.

Check Hard Disk Errors - Summary Window