Recover Formatted Partition

Formatted NTFS Partition Recovery

In this computer world, everyone prefers to save their valuable data on hard drive of computer. The partitioning of hard disk would separate the stored personal files from the system application files and it uses file systems for proper data management. Now, for latest versions of Windows OS like Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, NTFS file system is used as it has plenty of enhancements over FAT file system. NTFS is a New File system technology which offers better data security features, disk space utilization and is reliable which allows user to access files with ease.

Though NTFS partitions are highly reliable and greatly secure the stored data, but under some inevitable circumstances even these partitions are vulnerable to data loss. Have you imprudently formatted your NTFS partition while trying to format some corrupted NTFS partition and lost all the stored data?? Formatted NTFS partition was consisting of important files and you want to retain them at any cost. This is one of the common scenarios that most of the computer users come across and end up their important data that resided in the formatted partition. Just relax!!! As there is partition recovery tool which helps you to recover formatted NTFS partition data just in few basic steps. This utility can also retrieve data from formatted partition during OS re-installation or upgrading the operating system. By simply clicking here, you will be able to visit the page which gives you complete information.

Some usual scenarios of NTFS partition data loss due to formatting:

  • Bad sectors or bad media spots created on hard disk drive because of continuous power fluctuations or due to aged HDD, will make you to format the partition. But,if you format it without possessing backup then it would lead to data loss situation. But, through the use of partition recovery program you can get back lost data easily. This utility also supports SSD partition recovery after format within a fraction of minutes.
  • Sometimes, you may carry out format process on the partition in order to get rid of malicious viruses or format errors messages which inhibit you to access the partition data and thus causing loss of files.
  • Human beings are prone to commit mistakes. In haste, you might format NTFS partition or any other storage device which would cause huge loss of data stored in that specific partition. However, by using partition recovery toolkit, you can even restore formatted HFS partition on Mac with ease and accuracy.
  • Upgrading the computer from one operating system to another OS, will ask you to format your drive. In case you go ahead with the message and perform formatting on the drive then it will result in file loss.

Our partition recovery application is the one stop solution for all the above explained scenarios. But, one thing which you need to remember before using this restoration tool is that your formatted partition should not be overwritten by any new data. It means that you have to stop using the drive once you lose your valuable data after formatting. This utility can perform Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and XP partition recovery just in few fast mouse clicks.

However, if the drive is not overwritten then this application will help you to tackle with all data loss situations. This robust recovery tool is the most recommended one and being used by various customers. The software has potential to rescue any type of data like photos, music, documents, videos, movies and more. Thus this utility is considered to be the most powerful software to rescue photos from HDD partition. Refer the given site , for additional information. It can run on all the major versions of Macintosh operating system machines.

It provides you an option to preview your rescued partition data during the process of file restoration by using “File Type view” or “Data Type View”. Partition recovery software will help you to unformat Maxtor drive, Toshiba drive, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and many more brands of hard disk. Sneak a peek over here to extract complete knowledge about this powerful toolkit.

Easy steps to undo format process and recover NTFS partition data:

Step1: Download trial version of partition recovery software and set up installation on the hard disk of your system. Simply double click the desktop icon to run the utility and select “Recover Drives” option from the as in screen as depicted in Figure A followed by “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option.

Recover Formatted NTFS Partition - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step2: The software starts scanning the device and a list of logical drives will appear among which choose the dive from where you want to recover NTFS partition after format and then click on “Next” as depicted in Figure B.

Recover Formatted NTFS Partitiont - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step3: Once the recovery process gets completed, you can preview the retrieved partition data by using “File Type View” or “Data Type View” as depicted in Figure C.

Recover Formatted NTFS Partition - Recovered Files

Figure C: Recovered Files