Recover Formatted Partition

Tutorial to Restore Reformatted Hard Drive Data

Did you reformat the system and now wish to get the data back? Users have many doubts regarding reformatting of the hard disk and also data loss caused from it. When reformatting is performed then only the files system is changed. Reformatting means to convert the FAT file system to NTFS. While upgrading the file system data is not lost but while changing from the newer (NTFS) to older one (FAT), formatting is also done along with it.

Users generally shift from FAT to NTFS that is to increase the performance of the system. Very often when user performs this task then he might loose the data from it. When files system is changed, there arise the chances of losing the data. Once your data is lost then you cannot do anything manually. Hence, to recover the data you need to use the Reformatted Recovery Software. The software will extract all the reformatted data.  To know about data recovery from formatted partion on Windows 10 continue reading.

When you planned to format / reformat the hard disk then you do follow some measures like creating backup of data in some other devices so that even after formatting the device you can recover the files easily. Suppose you have formatted the drive accidentally then? Eventually, all the data of the storage device will be formatted and you will only be having a fresh copy of the file system. So here is the solution to recover the formatted partition and that is to use the accidentally formatted partition recovery software.

Files system is present in each of the storage device as it is the basic concept to provide the access to the data in the device. Other than hard disk & external hard disk file system is present in flash drives, iPods, USB, etc. Suppose, you are using the Flash drive & want to empty the flash drive by means of format but before this you also want to take backup of important files. As you inserted the drive in the system to take backup, a error message appears that is showing “This drive is not formatted do you want to format the drive” and forcefully the format has to be done. In this case though, you wanted to get rid of data but still some files were important in it. Don’t go hopeless as there is a solution to unformat the drive and extract the data to get the details click

Uncountable situation comes in front of user where he loses his / her data. Sometimes the formatting is done intentionally or sometimes willingly. Let see what all are the conducts that result in accidental formatting the drive or give rise to unwilling format. Corruption caused in the files system, virus incursion header corruption caused in the system, unwanted data in access, etc. are the reasons for formatting the disk. For more details on recovery of formatted disk visit:

Don’t worry here you will get the best recovery software which will unformat the hard disk. The software is very easy to use and unformatting of hard disk will take few minutes. This utility can efficiently recover data from formatted external hard disk drive just within less span of time.

If you wish to recover the files from the hard disk after reformatting is performed then do follow the steps of recovery.

Step1: Download the software and install it in the system. Connect the formatted hard disk to that system and launch the software. Select the “Recover Drive” option from main screen which will take make take you further.

Reformatted Recovery Software - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step2: Select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option later you will find one more screen with new option.

Reformatted Recovery Software - Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Figure B: Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step3: Select the “Drive” and wait until the files are recovered from the reformatted drive. Next just preview the files and after pressing the next button you will be asked to “Save” the files.

Reformatted Recovery Software - Preview Files

Figure C: Preview Screen