Recover Formatted Partition

Recovering Formatted Partition on Windows 10

  • Easily unformat the drives in a simple set of steps
  • A top-recommended tool by the industry experts
  • Recovers data upon accidental format, reformat, unbootable or inaccessible disk partitions
  • Supports internal storage as well as external storage drives

Microsoft Windows Operating System renders advanced and exclusive features- the built-in security system but there is no such utility for formatted partition recovery Windows 10.

Hard drives getting formatted or accidental file deletion is one of the most common problems. However, reversing the formatting process is more troublesome compared to accidental deletion scenarios. While deleting a file change only one parameter but formatting will wipe out the entire data information. So choosing the right Partition Recovery software for Windows 10 is very important.

Have you Formatted Windows Drive?

Format command is provided to prepare a new logical drive after “Fdisked” hard drive enables the installation of an operating system, application programs and user data. Format command is always been there as standalone in DOS and now also integrated with consecutive Windows versions.

So, the Format command passes a signal to OS to erase all recorded information in the disk, Verifies disk to ensure all sectors are reliable, point outs bad sectors which are not readable and creates internal address tables to locate information for further use. In a nutshell, you must format a disk to make it usable or renew it.

Format operation lead to loss of Data

All kind of formats might cause significant data loss, if not backed up properly. There are some instances which demand the drive to be formatted:

  • Corrupted or missing critical file system structures
  • Abrupt power failure or system Shutdown or application failure.
  • Computer viruses and worms or malicious software.
  • Boot-up problems.
  • Partition structures are damaged or deleted.
  • Recover files from devices with unknown file systems including Hard Disk, external ZIP/USB drive, removable Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD cards, etc.

Forced Formatting is always Avoidable

The only remedy of data loss circumstances is to back up your data regularly with a fixed schedule. You can use Windows 10 built-in backup and recovery feature or the third-party recovery software. In cases when you are not able to get access of a partition or Windows prompts you to format a partition or while you manage a partition with any partitioning software, you should maintain utmost care and do not format a drive without taking a proper backup. In worst cases, if you have already formatted your drive and you don`t have a backup, you should not touch the drive again if you really care about your valuable data. Instead, use the Partition Recovery Software to recover your important data from Windows 10 PC.

Recover Files from Formatted Partition

The fact is formatting a disk doesn`t remove the data on the disk, only the data pointer is taken aback. If the user installs a new operating system or reinstalls operating system then it results in loss of data in the event of installation error. In such a situation, if the user wants to recover data after formatting OS during reinstallation, then it is possible by using software to recover formatted partition, for more info refer here. If you accidentally reformat a disk that contains useful files, do not feel guilty, a data recovery tool can help you recover most of the information on the disk. And you can also try programs that enable you to recover the formatted hard drive yourself. An application is also useful to recover data after partition corruption Windows 10 and other versions of Windows.

How to Recover Formatted Partition on Windows 10?

Step 1: Run the recovery application on your system and select Recover Partitions option. You also need to choose the formatted drive from the list of all logical drives available in the system. To begin formatted data recovery, just click on the Scan button.

Recover Formatted Partition - Select Recover Partitions

Step 2: The tool now initiates a scan on the drive and starts to fetch data from the formatted drive.

Recover Formatted Partition - Searching Previous File System

Step 3: The tool quickly completes the scan on the drive and lists all the recovered data in two different layouts.

Recover Formatted Partition - Recovered Data View

Step 4: Simply right-click over any file item to preview further.

Recover Formatted Partition - Preview File

Step 5: Browse a suitable location to Save all the unformatted data from the drive (works only when the software is activated).

Recover Formatted Partition - Save Recovered File