Recover Formatted Partition

Recover Formatted Partition on Windows 7

  • An effective technique to unformat Windows 7 partitions
  • Capable to retrieve data from internal HD, external HD and other USB storage drives
  • Recover formatted, reformatted, lost or deleted HD partitions in quick steps
  • Runs on all OS editions of Windows

Windows partition recovery made simple

Have you anytime formatted partition on Windows 7 or any other version of Windows OS? In such situations, you need not panic. It is possible to restore formatted partition using the Data Recovery Tool. This is a powerful software that can retrieve formatted partitions with utmost ease.

When a user installs a new operating system or reinstalls operating system then it will erase the data stored in the disk. If the user has not maintained a backup of important data then it sounds troublesome to the user. It happens because prior to installing a new OS, the hard drive is formatted. In such a situation, if a user wants to recover data after formatting during OS reinstallation, then it is possible using this software to recover formatted partition. During the installation of the operating system users usually loss data because of either failure of installation of the operating system due to corrupt bootable disk or due to booting errors. However, users need not worry. Software to retrieve formatted partition can easily recover formatted partition on Windows 7 and other versions of Windows including Windows 10, 8, Vista, XP, Server 2003 & 2008.

However, generally formatting of partition happens because of human errors. If a user wishes to format a partition and by mistake formats unintended one then it leads into a loss of data from accidentally formatted partition. It usually takes place, when users use any third-party utilities to format the disk or during disk fragmentation with improper knowledge. Along with it, when users wish to add an extra drive, they go for reformatting of the hard drive. However, if in such a situation, users will lose data on the hard drive partitions. If the user wishes to recover formatted disk on Mac then he has to make use of Mac version of Recover Formatted Partition utility. This software can easily restore data from FAT partitions after reformat. Thus, it stands the best software to recover formatted partitions on Windows 7 and other versions of Windows.

Users usually format their hard drive or partitions, when they experience that their computer has become slow and therefore they want to come over system errors. Even when users want to remove bad sectors on hard disk, they go for formatting of hard drive. Along with it, if the hard drive or any partition on the hard drive is highly infected with viruses and it is not possible to clean the partition, then the user goes for formatting. After such formatting, it is possible to recover formatted partition on Windows 7 and other operating systems by making use of Recover Formatted Partition software. Other than the above-mentioned lists, it can also perform Dell, Acer, Kingston, Compaq and Toshiba laptop partition recovery easily in few simple clicks of the mouse.

Even users go with the formatting of partition or hard drive when they are not able to access the data on partitions due to file system corruption. File system corruption can take place because of an abrupt shutdown or startup of the computer. For instance, turning off power instead of turning off the computer using Turn Off commands results into the corruption of the file system on hard drive. After such file system corruption, users usually wish to format their hard drive partitions. After such formatting of partitions, Recover Formatted Partition tool supports user to get back formatted HFS partition on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra and other versions of Mac OS X. Along with it, this software can also Recover Formatted Partition after corruption of Master Boot Record on Windows hard drive or Apple Partition Map corruption on Mac.

Steps to recover formatted partition on Windows 7

Step 1: Run the software and choose "Recover Partitions " available on the home window. You are then required to choose the drive the formatted Windows disk partition. Then press the Scan button at the bottom of the screen.

Recover Formatted Partition - Select Recover Partitions

Step 2: When the scan on the drive partition is triggered the program check for the previous file systems in it. In this stage, the data from the formatted partition is restored.

Recover Formatted Partition - Searching Previous File System

Step 3: The recovery results appear in two different views- Data Type and File Type View

Recover Formatted Partition - Recovered Data View

Step 4: The recovery results can be further previewed just by right-clicking on the particular file item.

Recover Formatted Partition - Preview File

Step 5: The retrieved partition files can be now saved to any desired location if you have activated the tool with the license key.

Recover Formatted Partition - Save Recovered File