Perform Dead Drive Data Recovery

  • An ultimate way to retrieve data from dead drives
  • The tool runs flexibly on all available versions of Windows and Mac
  • Performs data restoration on internal drives and all other external storage drives
  • Also helps in reviving data from inaccessible. non-bootable or formatted disk drives

What is a dead drive?

When you find your system hard disk is not responding anymore, you probably hear a pathetic buzzing noise as trying to boot it. Therewith, the hard drive fails to boot and became inaccessible. In such a situation, your hard disk drive might become dead. If you search for online solutions, you will find that lots of computer users lost their system data due to the dead hard drive and still looking for a solution to recover data from their dead drive. Well, to sort out this common issue, the experts have designed a tool named the Dead Drive Recovery, to retrieve data from a dead disk drive. This recovery application first scans the dead drive and then fetches all the files from it.

What are the scenarios that result in a dead drive?

There are many factors responsible for a dead drive among them virus infection is the most common reason for the dead drive. This usually happens when your storage drive is attacked by deadly viruses. Severe viruses will infect the file system of the drive, due to which drive fails to boot and became dead. What will you do if your dead drive contains all your crucial documents which are very important to you? Just keep your worry aside and make use of the dead drive recovery tool to overcome this type of problems. By using this tool, you can easily recover lost files from a flash drive after file system corruption.

Improper power supply or sudden power surges will create bad sectors on the system hard drive. Sometimes, because of the bad sectors, the system or log files on the operating system become inaccessible, which in turn lead to a dead hard drive; resulting in a data loss. In this terrible situation, the user can straightaway seek the help of the Dead Drive Recovery utility to get back files from the dead drive. By using this tool, a user can even recover data from laptop hard drive partition. It supports various laptop brands such as – Toshiba, Acer, Sony, HP, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, LG, etc.

Formatted the dead drive: Improper formatting of the drive is the other common reason behind a dead drive. Generally, the users format their system hard drive or external drive to fix minor errors on the drive and to boost up its response time. But, an improper process of formatting results in drive corruption which results in the dead drive. The lost files from a dead drive can be easily restored by using the dead drive recovery program. The application works well on all well-known version of Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Additional info.

In addition to this, improper re-partitioning of logical drives, software malfunction, OS failures, drive freeze are some other reasons which result in a dead drive. In case of the external hard drive forcible removal of external results in a dead drive. A user can easily tackle all the above-defined situations with a dead drive recovery tool. This application is developed with a user-friendly interface, which provides great help to a non-technical user.

It also helps the users to restore files from the partitioned hard disk within a less span of time. A free trial version of the Dead Drive Recovery tool is also available, which will help the users to preview the retrieved files. By previewing the retrieved files, a user can judge the probability of the dead drive recovery. You can even use this on Mac-based system. Navigate to this website to acquire more information about Mac recovery:

Easy steps on how to perform a dead drive recovery

Step 1: Open the home window of the software and choose "Recover Partitions" options. Continue to select the dead hard drive from which the data is to be retrieved. Now hit on the Scan button.

Recover Formatted Partition - Select Recover Partitions

Step 2: The selected drive will be now scanned for the files.

Recover Formatted Partition - Searching Previous File System

Step 3: A list of all retrieved data is returned after the scan. Check the files in either of Data View or File Type View.

Recover Formatted Partition - Recovered Data View

Step 4: Now preview the recovered files by right-clicking on it.

Recover Formatted Partition - Recovered Data View

Step 5: At the final step, you can save the files retrieved from a dead drive to a suitable drive location.

Recover Formatted Partition - Save Recovered File