Software to Recover Data from Broken Hard Drive

Did you want to recover data from broken hard drive? And still worried or confused that whether data from the broken hard drive can be recovered or not? Then leave your worries aside, because files from the broken hard drive can be easily retrieved back by using partition recovery tool. This tool is designed with user-friendly interface separately for Windows and Mac operating system users. It first rigorously scans the corrupted hard drive and then recovers all the files from it. However, data recovery from broken hard drive seems to be very difficult, but the partition recovery tool made it very easy and simple. Let’s have a look at some common data loss scenarios which bring hard drive corruption.

Improper system shut down creates bad sectors on the hard drive. The bad sectors on HDD are mainly caused by inappropriate or abrupt system termination. This usually happens due to sudden power surges or improper power supply. Sometimes due to bad sectors, system files become inaccessible which in turn leads to hard drive corruption and resulting in the broken hard drive. To overcome this critical situation, make use of the partition recovery program to recover files from the hard drive having the bad sectors. Additionally, it also helps you to recover files from flash drive. Dig here to find more about flash drive recovery.

Virus or Malware attack on the system is the most common reason for hard drive corruption, which results in a broken hard drive. Severe viruses can affect the important system files, which leads to inaccessibility of the hard drive. Virus coming from the internet or from other storage device corrupts your system hard drive and makes it inaccessible, which in turn result in huge data loss. To recover your data from the broken hard drive you need the help of this application. With this tool, you can even recover partition data, which you have lost after formatting during OS re-installation. Check out this page site for additional info:

Incomplete formatting of the partition by using any third-party tool can be another reason for hard drive corruption. Generally, people format the hard drive to fix some minor error or to improve the system response time. But improper formatting results in hard drive corruption which brings data loss. But, lost data from the broken hard drive can be easily restored back by utilizing partition recovery utility. Moreover, it also helps you to restore files from a Maxtor hard drive after format and it supports other hard drive brands also like Buffalo, HP, Iomega, Hitachi, Western Digital and many more with utmost ease.

It recovers data from the formatted partitions only within a few clicks. Using this tool, you can recover 300+ file types including pictures, email archives and zip archives. Using this fabulous application user can even retrieve data from a dead drive. Though recovery data from a dead drive sounds quite difficult this tool made it as easy as a cakewalk. Hop over to this site for further information.

Precaution or Safety Measures

By following some precautions you can easily avoid data loss problem. Like maintain a backup of all your important files and folders and store it in some reliable storage medium. Install antivirus program in your system to prevent it from a severe virus attack. Update your system antivirus regularly after a particular span of time. Before connecting any external drive to your PC scan it first. To eradicate sudden shutdown use some strong power source.

How to recover data from a broken hard drive?

Step 1: Open the home window and choose "Recover Partitions" from the given options. Then select the damaged hard drive for recovery and click on the Scan button.

Recover Formatted Partition - Select Recover Partitions

Step 2: The software prepares to scan and extract data from the drive.

Recover Formatted Partition - Searching Previous File System

Step 3: Check the list of recovered files in either of Data View or File Type View.

Recover Formatted Partition - Recovered Data View

Step 4: Preview the recovered files by a right-click over it.

Recover Formatted Partition - Preview File

Step 5: At the end, save the recovered files and folders to your desired storage location.

Recover Formatted Partition - Save Recovered File